11. Translocation of wild-type and mutant phdA to the plasma membrane in response to uniform stimulation

Time-lapse video movie of a GFP fusion of a novel PH domain-containing protein (phdA) to the plasma membrane in response to uniformly stimulating the cells with the chemoattractant cAMP. The wild-type protein is shown on the right. The kinetics of membrane localization are similar to those of the Akt/PKB PH domain. The right-hand images show a mutant phdA protein in which an Arg (R) residue proposed to be required for PH domain binding to PI(3,4,5)P3 is mutated to a Cys (C). Note that this protein does not translocate to the plasma membrane. The time of cAMP stimulation is marked by +cAMP. S. Funamoto, Firtel lab.