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Public datalipsonlab

Data and metadata from my PhD research on the effects of non-native grass litter in coastal sage scrub communities are freely-available though the Knowledge Network for Biodiversity (KNB). GPS locations for plots are available upon request with approval from the field site's biologist.

For my paper on phenology and plant invasions I used data from the USDA PLANTS database and Project Budburst (2008 year).

Data for my phenology review paper with Steph Pau are freely-available through KNB.

Data resources


USA National Phenology Network maintains a good list of historical phenology datasets here.

Fitter & Fitter's dataset of first flowering dates in Chinnor, England is available with their Science article.

Washington DC's network of phenological observations since 1970 is available here, with the complete flora info.

NOAA maintains a short list of several phenology datasets here.

Much of Europe's phenology data (especially the International Phenology Gardens) were organized through their COST 725 action.


The KNMI Climate Explorer site maintains a great set of organized resources.

Interpolated climate data is available via PRISM and/or NCEP/NCAR re-analysis products.

Plant trait data:

USDA PLANTS is a stand-by for US work, the TRY initiative has combined a large database of plant functional traits and is working on using cutting-edge bioinformatics techniques with it. Also based in Europe is LEDA. For the British Isles Ecoflora is fantastic. Also, the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website has useful info, as does Watson and Dallwitz's Families of Flowering Plants.


I indentified ants to species with help from the tremendous resources available at Antweb.

Harvard's MCZ museum has a good database with layered images of Caribbean insects.

Just to review: Your options are to visit Home or Publications or Research which includes my work on Phenology, Detritus and other projects, Teaching, including an overview of my experience and my current undergrad’s blog on our bioinformatics work, my Resources page with my links to favorite LaTex, Sweave and R help sites, a Grants list and Writing, and the almighty leftover stuff at Other. You can download my CV here.