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I work at the intersection of community and ecosystem ecology to understand how systems such as food webs and plant communities function. Though I tend to address fundamental questions with hypotheses informed by theory and models my research generally has strong applied angles. In particular much of my work to date has examined the causes and consequences of plant invasions.

Currently, I am an NSF postdoctoral fellow in biology in the Cleland lab using bioinformatics to understand how phenology (seasonal timing of life history events) may affect plant invasions. Together with a suite of collaborators I am also working on basic phenological questions such as how sensitivity to temperature, insolation and precipitation varies between species and across latitudes, and whether climate change experiments predict historical shifts in seasonal timing.



Thanks to those who came to the AGU session that Ben Cook and I organized, 'Beyond Earlier Spring: Diverse Phenological Responses to Climate Across Species and Ecosystems,' at the annual meeting in San Francisco this December. Special thanks to all those who presented, including Josep Penuelas and Eric Post for great invited talks.

My paper with Steph Pau and seven other Forecasting Phenology working group members, 'Predicting phenology: Integrating climatology and evolution to improve forecasting in ecology' is out at Global Change Biology (here).

My paper on the theory behind how phenology may be important in plant invasions came out in the June 2011 issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment and was recommended by the Faculty of 1000. My opinion paper with Erin Wilson, 'Scavenging: How carnivores and carrion structure communities' is out in March issue at Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

I moved from NCEAS to UC-San Diego in late July 2010. I'll keep an eye on my old NCEAS email for a while longer but please update your address books.


Just to review: Your options are to visit Data or Publications or Research which includes my work on Phenology, Detritus and other projects, Teaching, including an overview of my experience and my current undergrad’s blog on our bioinformatics work, my Resources page with my links to favorite LaTex, Sweave and R help sites, a Grants list and Writing, and the almighty leftover stuff at Other. You can download my CV here.