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2009 - Dartmouth College, PhD

Thesis: Linking community and ecosystem dynamics in invasion biology: An experimental approach in coastal sage scrub. Advisors: Douglas Bolger & Kathryn Cottingham. Committee: Matthew P. Ayres, Ross A. Virginia, John C. Moore (outside member from NREL)

2002 - Wellesley College, BA

Major in Biology, Minor in Russian, Concentration in Latin American Studies



2012 - 2013 (accepted) - Biodiversity Centre Fellow, University of British Columbia - Vancouver

2010 - present - NSF Postdoctoral fellow in bioinformatics, University of California - San Diego

2009 - Postdoctoral associate, National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis (UC - Santa Barbara)

2009 (winter term) - Lecturer, Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth


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Grants, Fellowships & Awards

May 2010 - 2011: NCEAS Working Group (co-PI with Benjamin I. Cook) Forecasting phenology: Integrating ecology, climatology, and phylogeny to understand plant responses to climate change

January 2010 - 2012: NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology (Bioinformatics) Phenology of Plant Invasions: How changing seasons and temporal niches assemble plant communities

September 2006 - 2009: EPA Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship: Impact of invasive plants on detrital food webs

May 2009: Graduate Student Filene Teaching Award Dartmouth College

August 2009: Murray F. Buell Award for best student oral presentation (ESA)

August 2009: SERDP & Southwest Chapter Travel Awards, ESA

June 2008: ESA Applied Section Student Travel Grant

June 2008: Jenks Prize, Dartmouth College, Funding to attend UC-Davis Advanced Entomology (Taxonomy & Field Ecology) course

July 2007: Gilman Fellowship, Dartmouth College Funding to participate in global collaborative fertilization/exclosure study (Nutrient Network)

September 2006 - 2008: Exotic/Invasive Pests and Diseases Research (UC-IPM), Title: Impact of exotic Mediterranean annual grasses on detrital food webs Co-PI (PI: Douglas Bolger, co-PI: Kathryn Cottingham)

April 2007: Parkinson Travel Award, Soil Ecology Society

April 2005 - May 2006: Center for Invasive Plant Management Seed Money Grant, Title: The Impact of invasive plants on detrital food web


Recent Presentations

Wolkovich, E. M., Cleland, E. E. 2010. Future questions in citizen science: Including phenology in community ecology theory. Invited talk at symposium at Ecological Society of America annual meeting.

Wolkovich, E. M., Cleland, E. E. 2009. The Phenology of Plant invasions: How temporal niches assemble plant communities. Phenology 2010 (Dublin).

Wolkovich, E. M., Cleland, E. E. 2009. The Phenology of Plant invasions: How temporal niches assemble plant communities. American Geophysical Union fall meeting.

Wolkovich, E. M. August 2008. Invasive annual grasses enhance native shrubs and their arthropod communities through abiotic soil eff ects. Ecological Society of America (ESA) Meeting.

Wolkovich, E. M., K. L. Cottingham, C. de Mazancourt, S. Sandin & J. C. Moore. August 2007. How coupling between green and brown food webs alters trophic structure. Invited talk at at organized oral session “Trophic Structure Across Systems.” Ecological Society of America Meeting.


Professional Activities & Affiliations

USA National Phenology Network (RCN participant 2009 and 2010, NCEAS project developed from 2009 meeting)

Cyberinfrastucture for Collaborative Science, workshop participant (May 2011)

Nutrient Network RCN participant (global collaborative experiment) Lead organizer for arthropod sampling and analyses, in collaboration with E. T. Borer & A. D. Kay, Site Organizer for Etna, New Hampshire site, with K. L. Cottingham

National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis working group participant Spring 2008 - present Working group title: Detritus and dynamics of populations, food webs and communities Book chapter completed: Dynamic properties of detritus, with K. L. Cottingham, J. C. Moore, P. de Ruiter and A. Hastings

National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis working group participant Fall 2005 - Fall 2008 Working group title: Trophic Stucture Across Ecosystems

Professional societies: American Geophysical Union, Ecological Society of America, Soil Ecology Society

Reviewer for: Agricultural & Forest Entomology, Biogeochemistry, Ecological Applications, Ecology, Ecology Letters, Global Change Biology, Journal of Ecology, Marine Ecology Progress Series, New Phytologist, Oikos, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Proceedings of the National Academy, Soil Biology & Biogeochemistry



Miscellaneous: Scientific diving (Scripps Institute for Oceanography), vertebrate exclosure construction. Languages: decent French and Spanish, working knowledge of Russian

Quantitative techniques: Mixed-effects including Bayesian approaches, structural equations, time-series methods (multivariate autoregressive, wavelets, breakpoints), meta-analysis statistics

Computer Languages: LaTeX, Maxima, R, Sweave, Subversion

Just to review: Your options are to visit Home or Data, Publications or Research which includes my work on Phenology, Detritus and other projects, Teaching, including an overview of my experience and my current undergrad’s blog on our bioinformatics work, my Resources page with my links to favorite LaTex, Sweave and R help sites, a Grants list and Writing, and the almighty leftover stuff at Other. You can download my CV here.