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I am slowly populating this page with items that don't exactly belong anywhere else.

For example, the easiest way to join Ecolog is via this link, be sure to ask for a 'digest' format and gift your inbox with one tidy message a day.

Also, while on the topic, there's a French equivalent of Ecolog.

For emacs lovers running Windows who don't want to deal with compiling themselves, I tracked down this pretty good bundled version for a friend recently.

I gave a talk at the International Phenology conference in Dublin in 2010, based mainly on my FEE 'Phenology of plant invasions paper.' You can download it here.

Podcasts & Blogs

Jai Ranganathan does a great science podcast for Miller & McCune, including one with my colleague, Ben Cook, on his work about the multiple causes of the Dust Bowl.

Joe Craine writes on plant resource theory, bison and other fun on his Wild Plants Post.

A mix of authors populate the Molecular Ecologist blog. They write about things like data and code-sharing.

Many great R blogs exist. So many so that R bloggers samples them for you. The blog by Revolution Analytics is a leader however (and often featured on R bloggers). Finally (for now) R Statistics is also nice.


Tasks etc.


Job stuff

Ecology jobs wiki

The almost-comprehensive list of listings

Search job listings at Nature and Science

The Baskett lab has a crazy-great set of resource links.

Spencer Hall's page with all sorts of miscellaneous advice and resources for life as a grad student and postdoc.


Just to review: Your options are to visit Home or Data, Publications, or Research which includes my work on Phenology, Detritus and other projects, you can also visit Teaching, including an overview of my experience and my current undergrad’s blog on our bioinformatics work, my Resources page with my links to favorite LaTex, Sweave and R help sites, a Grants list and Writing, and the almighty leftover stuff at Other (where you're at). You can download my CV here.